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Sustaining Romance

Alive and Kicking

After you’ve been in a relationship for 5, 10, or 20 years, most people will tell you the relationship and feelings therein, change over time. Change occurs whether we want it to or not, as a function of time, growth, and development. The romantic feelings one feels when beginning a relationship are undoubtedly different from those people celebrating a 10th and/or 25th anniversary. However, regardless of the length of your relationship, romance can be maintained. Although not in the manner that romantic dates occurred years ago, but in a more unique manner, as reflected by your differing emotions. Additionally, what you found to be romantic while dating your partner may or may not be romantic now. As relationships grow, develop, change, and mature, so do your feelings and ideas about sharing romance with your partner. The Romance Channel acknowledges these inevitable changes and supports them, yet maintains the stance that romance (and all that it involves) can only increase loving feelings at all stages of relationships, including those relationships that began awhile ago, perhaps even prior to the age of computers, the internet craze, razors, ipods, and online dating.ns to you, and then encourage you to live by what you’ve decided. The links to the left will provide you with romantic activities, places, events, gifts, hotels, restaurants, and vacations that can help you at any time in your relationship.

Regardless of the length of your relationship, Romance Channel encourages you to discuss your ideas of romance with your partner. As your read through these pages we ask that you read our definitions of romance, exploring through your own thought processes what romance truly means to you today, right now, in this moment. Then if you are so inclined, think about how your ideas of romance have changed over time; Once you have redefined romance to meet the needs of your relationship, live by what you’ve decided and access the links to the left about different areas of romance that may assist you in keeping your romantic life with your partner robust. We encourage your feedback as you read through these pages; tell us what you would like to hear about from our experts. As you provide us with thoughtful and caring comments, we are better able serve your romantic needs.

Our heartfelt wishes for your success in life and love, The Romance Channel Staff

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