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Romance Jr.: So Teens Know What's Right About Romance

Romance Jr. is designed specifically for those between the ages of 10 and 20 (give or take a few years). The Romance Junior mission is to provide informative information to teens and tweens regarding their romantic life, and all that implies for teenagers. RC believes in romance in its purest form, which is to say that romance is much more than sex and hormones, but an all encompassing experience between two people that involves both your heart (feelings) and your head( thoughts), wherein the body may be only one of many tools to express those feelings and thoughts. Sexuality is not the focus of these pages, but as with our pages for adults, only one of several components that comprise ‘romance’ in true form.

The romance you experience in your teenage years are memories that you will hold your entire life (just ask any adult when their first kiss was or who their first relationship was with-trust us). As you read through these pages, define romance for yourself; read our definitions . of romance, exploring through your own thought processes and feelings what romance and love . truly mean to you. Try to live by what you’ve decided. You have an opportunity because of your youth to shape and mold your experiences to be exactly as you wish them to be. Our goal is to provide you with informative resources and information so that you can do just that-make your loving relationships truly loving. There are links that are aimed at providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions. What you don’t know or understand, ask your parents or an adult with whom you are close. There are facts about growth and development,. puberty . and sexuality,. as well as topics geared for younger romances (e.g. in the classroom, effects of substances on relationships, etc.).

We hope that you will consider all the possibilities romance can bring to a loving relationship, and all that is involved in doing so. All relationships, regardless of their context, require time, effort and dedication. We, at Romance Channel, encourage you to read through these pages, maximize their use for your own benefit, and provide us with feedback so that as we strive to meet your needs, we do so with you. Tell us what you want to hear about, and ask us questions, we're here for you and we're listening. Our heartfelt wishes for your success in life and love, The Romance Channel Staff

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