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Remaining Stable Amid Relationship Turmoil

Relationships wouldn't be relationships without turmoil. Just as there is no perfect person there is no perfect relationship. Just as 'true friends' are those that stick around when life is troublesome, the true strength of a relationship lies in its ability to withstand turmoil. Relationships require time, effort, and dedication. They are work--just like anything else worth having. Keeping calm, feeling confident and secure, and understanding that honeymoons don't last forever are just a few ways to remain stable amid relationship turmoil.

Tips To Remaining Calm, Cool, and Collected

Don't React in Anger
When you are feeling angry, or having a strong reaction take a deep breath. Reacting from anger will not be as effective as expressing your feelings calmly. While it is often difficult to remain calm during relationship difficulties, it is usually better to refrain from expressing feelings in anger. Your partner is more likely to hear what you are saying if you speak calmly, rather than hear the tone of voice, facial expressions, or volume of your tone when speaking in irritation, annoyance, and/or anger.

Don't Let Your Feelings of Discontent Build While many people are expressive in relationships, and have little difficulty expressing their feelings, some hold them in for so long when they finally do express their feelings, it is more akin to a volcanic eruption than an expression of feelings. Some people withhold feelings of irritation or annoyance within a relationship, so as not to 'rock the boat'. Unfortunately, this can backfire. When you hold feelings of irritation and annoyance inside, it can build to a point that some little thing can set you off. And then, when you do express yourself you are much angrier about some little thing, which seems out of proportion to the situation. Expressing yourself as each little irritation occurs, prevents a build up that has the potential to end badly.

Always Remain Secure> When you are in a committed relationship, be secure in your commitment. Don't second guess your partner or yourself. Understand that everyone has bad days, and try not to take things personally. Security and confidence is always attractive. Remaining calm, thinking things through and expressing your feelings rationally and non emotionally, is most effective during times of turmoil.

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