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Romance Reading Corner


Feeling love
What does it mean?
Going to eat after the night out,
Laughing till it hurts foolishly,
Experiencing joy and bliss in the moment,
Dependability, responsibility, and respect,
Overlooking flaws and excusing error,
Knowing physical presence remains irrelevant,
Asking for and providing the helpful ear,
Speaking the unspoken words you need to hear,
Unconditional acceptance.
To be loved by a friend.

Feeling love
What does it mean?
Exchanging meaningless words,
Genuinely meaningful words,
Getting affection and tenderness,
Touching with passion and adornment,
Boundless caring and trust,
Understanding and empathy for the other,
Sharing intimate secrets and wildest dreams,
Bringing togetherness to its greatest extreme,
Unconditional acceptance.
To be loved by partners.

Feeling love
What does it mean?
To be in the presence of another,
Receiving phone calls,
Paying attention to one’s needs,
To speak and be truly heard,
To demonstrate sensitivity and kindness,
To feel loyalty and attachment,
To be forgiven easily without reproach,
To know limitless freedom of thought, action, and voice,
To those around us not by choice,
Unconditional acceptance.
To be loved by family.

Be it family, partner, or friend,
True feelings of love are without end.
Transported across time and place,
Feeling loved remains in just one space,
Depth of emotion is just the start,
Of true feelings of love within one’s heart.
During times when love lacks and you’re unglued,
Know all the love you need, lies within you.
   -Amy, Miami, FL

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