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Romance Channel® Mission Statement

At Romance Channel ® ("RC"), we are dedicated to being the world's richest and most reliable resource for reclaiming, restoring, and rejoicing in what's right with Romance.

The Romance Channel® ("RC") advocates all healthy ideas of romance, including love, sensuality, sexuality, and fantasy.  Our goal is to reclaim romance in its entirety; restore qualities of love and emotional intimacy, and rejoice in the emotional depths romance brings. Whether brief and intense, and/or enduring and passionate, RC seeks to elucidate romance as wholesome, loving, and multifaceted, throughout all developmental stages of life, love, and relationships. The RC includes all those qualities, people, events, activities, and artistic endeavors that support the idea of true healthy romances. Focused on the components of joy, love, and intimacy, RC shows loving wholesome romantic relationships do exist, wherein people feel happy, loved, and fulfilled, and know that sex is but a part of such relationships, but by no means encapsulate them.

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