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Tips for the Holidays

Seasons of Love

The months of November and December seem to fly with so much to do and so little time. Making holiday party preparations, spending time with family, and getting the kids/family presents can be overwhelming on top of your daily routine. Now is the time of year to make sure you are taking care of yourself—just so that you can get everything else you need accomplished. It’s difficult for romance to flow easy when we are stressed and overwhelmed. Here are 5 quick tips to getting it done in time for the holidays:

1-Take it a day a time. Don’t think about all 753 things that require completion before December 15; just focus on today, and what must be done today. 2- Make lists of what needs to get done today. Lists help you organize your time and remember “everything”. It is a way not to forget the pickles in the supermarket or the dry cleaning on the way home. 3-Exercise. It won’t help getting your list completed, but it will put you in a better mood. Exercise is good for you, and it will make it easier for you to deal with what comes your way. Daily exercise assists the body in releasing hormones that effect your mood (which is one of the reasons why exercising in the morning is good for you). 4-Delegate responsibility where possible. The more hands you have assisting you with your list the quicker you accomplish your goals. 5-Realize that eventually, it will all get done. Things may not get accomplished exactly as you’d like, or in the time frame you anticipated, but it all gets done.

Again, we invite you to write questions about anything you wish. If you send an email, and wish to remain anonymous, just let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. With love and romance we wish you Happy Holidays!

- The Romance Channel Staff

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