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Holidays and Romance

The holiday season, from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve, is filled with a variety of wonderful and memorable events---parties, family and workplace gatherings, and even weddings and anniversaries. It is a time for rejoicing in the spirit of the holiday season, regardless of the holiday celebrated. It is one of the few times of the year when people come together to celebrate love, joy, and happiness. These feelings are typically expressed and felt throughout town—in businesses, schools, restaurants, and shopping malls. They appears on television commercials, the newspapers, radio (don’t you love those holiday songs), and yes, even on the Internet; (notice what we are talking about). Regardless of where you see, hear, read, smell, or taste the holiday spirit, it is a time to celebrate and rejoice in love. It is also a time to celebrate and rejoice with our loved ones. Sometimes we travel to see them, and sometimes they travel to see us.

The holidays are for celebrating love with family and friends. Sometimes though we unintentionally hurt the ones we love. We get caught up with our chores, wrapping presents, making sure all the gifts are given, and forget those closest to us. No matter how caught up in life we become, it is important to remember that those we love need our patience, understanding, and compassion the most.

Whether it is during holiday time or not, sharing, giving, and receiving love is the best gift you can give to anyone. We, at Romance Channel, wish you much love and happiness during the holiday season and all year long.

The Romance Channel Staff

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