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Finding Romance In An Internet Age

Finding romance means searching for ways to incorporate romance into your life. Romance is experientially and loosely thought of as an experience between two (or more) people. It is not finding a date, or going out on a date (just ask any single person). Prior to deciding how to “build it” and how to “sustain it” you have to decide what romance means for you. We encourage you to read our definitions of romance and explore through your own thought processes what romance truly means to you, and then encourage you to live by what you’ve decided.

Many people, however, may need to find that special someone with whom to share romance. The finding romance page has specific links to other sources that can assist you in deciding how you will go about meeting that special someone in your life. We will have articles about dating and dating online, as well as provide you with resources to assist you in your attempt to discover the person with whom you wish to have a romantic relationship. The links to the left will provide you with romantic activities, places, events, gifts, hotels, restaurants, and vacations that can help you plan for your romances, in whatever form it takes. As previously stated, we encourage your feedback and ask that as you read through these pages you provide us with thoughtful and caring opinions so we can better serve your romantic needs. Our heartfelt wishes for your success in life and love, The Romance Channel Staff

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