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Coping With Endings: How To Handle Unwanted Breakups

Sometimes, as much as we might love someone or want a relationship to work, it just doesn't. We try and try and can't seem to "get it right". Or maybe it is about bad timing, or maybe the relationship wasn't as mutual as we thought it was.Regardless of why the relationship ended, how you handle it is critical to moving forward with your life. Also, there may not be one right way to handle letting go of your relationship, but there are plenty of wrong ways. Below are a list of tips to assist you during the difficulties of break ups.

Tips To Know For Break Ups

Stay Calm and Collected
No one is ever truly happy when a relationship ends, as it is a loss for both parties. However, giving into anger isn't the smartest move either. There are always two sides to every situation. If you are missing the person, trust that the other party misses you as well -although perhaps a bit differently than you. Yelling and screaming in anger will not accomplish anything positive or productive. Don't let your pride cloud your judgment; if your feelings are hurt, the other person's might be as well.The decision to end the relationship isn't necessarily about you, however, how you choose to handle the ending is about you. As difficult or unfair as the situation may seem to you, you did choose to share some of yourself; don't allow a bad breakup to tarnish a memory for your future.

Believe It Is For The Best If you and/or your partner is ready for the relationship to end, it is not the relationship for you. Over simplistic perhaps, but true nonetheless. Letting go now is the faster way to having a healthy fulfilling relationship, with someone else, in the future.

Get An Explanation If you can, try and understand what happened from the other's perspective. Learn from the process. Get the closure that you need to learn and move forward with your life. It's especially important if your partner did not have the decency to face you in person. In a non-accusatory, non-defense provoking manner, ask what is different and what is causing unhappiness and/or dissatisfaction. When your emotions have calmed, the information may be very helpful to your future relationships with others. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to make your own thoughts and feelings known. Feel free to keep it short and simple; no need to re-hash old wounds.

Stay Positive> Don't get bogged down with what you don't have, stay focused on what you do have. Take advantage of your newfound single-dom and nourish yourself. Do the things you want-watch the movies you did not see, see your friends, and take advantage of the time you have.

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