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Building Romance

Beginning a new relationship is typically exciting and full of promise. New relationships typically involve getting to know another person, developing intimacy and trust, and forming an attachment (not necessarily in that order). Romantic notions are not uncommon in the beginning of new relationships; however, it is how those romantic notions are expressed, that measure compatibility, test the strength and durability of the relationship, and encourage it as time passes. We encourage you to read our definitions of romance and explore through your own thought processes what romance truly means to you, and then encourage you to live by what you’ve decided. The links to the left will provide you with different areas of romance for you to explore that may help you at any time in your relationship.

As part of establishing romance in your new relationship, we encourage you to communicate what your ideas about romance are with your partner, exploring together what would make your relationship at certain moments more “romantic”. The combination of both of your ideas and thoughts about romance into an integrated perception may be helpful to you both, especially while living romantically in your relationship. However, it is also important to acknowledge the differences you may have with your partner about their thoughts and ideas about romance, honor them, and explore romance in multiple contexts and varying ways. As always, we encourage your feedback as you read through these pages so that you can provide us with thoughtful and caring comments, so that we can better serve your romantic needs.

Our heartfelt wishes for your success in life and love, The Romance Channel Staff

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