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Ask Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy

It is with great pleasure and much excitement that I welcome you to the first Ask Dr. Amy column. The column is for you, the readers, to answer questions about love, life, and relationships. Ask me whatever your heart compels. I can’t promise that everything I say you’ll like. I can’t promise that every suggestion I make will work. I can promise that I will do my best to answer your questions in an honest, caring manner. I’m not an expert at anything except imperfection. I am a clinical psychologist and have spent the majority of my career helping people live healthier lives. Most were adults, who experienced both physical and emotional pain. It gives me special pleasure to write a column focused on happiness, joy, and love.

This is a ‘whole new world’ for me, so to speak. After spending years working with people face to face, I relish this opportunity to communicate with all of you. It also gives me a chance to focus on the positive-what’s right about romance and love. And yes, I believe whole heartedly in the mission statement and am going to do my best to ensure its realization. Sharing our thoughts about love, life, and relationships with one another, please give feedback wherever you can. We really want to hear from you! Speaking of happiness, joy, and love, the holidays are just around the corner. Check out our holiday information and be sure to send in your stories of romance so we can share them with others!

Amy B. Trachter, Psy.D.,Ph.D. is the Director of Development and Operations for Romance Channel, a subsidiary of MetroGuide.com. She is a licensed clinical psychologist in Florida and New York; her California licensure is pending. She is also an Adjunctive Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Miller School of Medicine University of Miami. Click here to reach Dr. Amy via email.

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