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RomanceChannel® - Welcome!

Welcome to the Romance Channel® service, which is dedicated to healthy, wholesome romantic relationships. We are committed to assisting you 1) in regaining the wholesome qualities of romance, 2) in re-establishing the purity of romance into your relationship, and 3) assisting with maintaining the romance that exists in your relationship, regardless of your age, the stage of your relationship, and/or the depth of feeling you may or may not have for the person with whom you wish to experience romance. Ultimately, only you can decide who you will experience romance with and what, if, and how ‘romance’ will play a part in your life. This website is designed to provide high quality information so that you, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnic background, and/or socioeconomic status can access all the information you need to instill romance into your life.

Everyone has the desire to be loved, accepted for who they are, and nurtured for the person that they are, by someone special. If you have found that someone special in your life, we will provide you with ways to maintain the romance in your relationship throughout your lifetime. If you have not yet found that person, you will be provided with ways to do so, instilling romance from the beginning of your journey. We do not purport to be able to find the love of your life, nor fix any of the difficulties that arise within the context of a loving relationship. We do hope that you will consider all the possibilities romance can bring to a loving relationship, and all that is involved and required in doing so. All relationships, regardless of their context, require time, effort and dedication. We, at the Romance Channel service, encourage you to maximize these pages and their utility for your own benefit, and provide us with feedback so that as we strive to meet your needs, we do so with you, our readers.

To use our site, please select one of the sections or categories, shown to the left and below:

Finding Romance Finding romance means more than simply finding a date. This section deals with the issues involved with meeting the right person, and kicking off your healthy romantic relationship.
Building Romance So you've found the right person. What next? This section deals with taking your romance to the next level and building it to exhilirating heights.
Sustaining Romance No matter how hot passions once burned, the pressures of life, work, kids and money can diminish romance even in the healthiest of relationships. This section deals with how to sustain romance, and how to re-ignite that fire that burned brightly.
Romance Jr. Teen and tween years can be particularly challenging in our consumer culture. This is a separate division of the Romance Channel, which is dedicated to helping younger age groups build a healthy outlook towards romance and relationships.

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