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          WEDDING DAY

Life is filled with its twists and turns,
As every one of us soon comes to learn,
But when you are given someone to love,
It is a special gift from above.

Someone so special that you wish to share,
Each moment of your life together with care,
Cherishing your luck and fortune each day,
Dealing with bumps you face along the way.

True feelings of love are without end.
Transported across time and place,
Feeling loved remains in just one space,
Depth of emotion is just the start,
Of true feelings of love within one’s heart.
During times when love lacks and you’re unglued,
Know all the love you need, lies within you.

Love, like an orchid or rose in bloom,
Requires appreciation as does a full moon,
Cherish each other as you share your life,
Building intimacy during times of strife,
Enjoy all your moments whatever they may bring,
You only grow stronger as your heart sings.
May your journey forward be filled with health, happiness, & laughter,
And may you both live a happily ever after.
   -Anonymous, New York, New York

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