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History of St. Valentine

     The word “valentine” comes from the Latin root “valens” meaning strong. Not surprising, since we all know that it takes strength and perseverance to maintain romance and love. There are a few legends of Saint Valentine, all of which are clouded in some sort of abstract mystery. Most of the legends include a sentimental priest living in the Early Roman Empire who rebelled against a law preventing soldiers from marrying. He took pity on young military men and their lovers and secretly held and officiated weddings, which were illegal (for military men) at that time. Although romantic, his criminal acts were discovered and he was beheaded. However, he managed to fall in love himself first, with his jailer’s daughter to whom he wrote his last goodbye, signing it, “Your Valentine”.

     It would be great if everyday could be a celebration of love. For some, it is. Ben and Melanie in Connecticut don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day per say, they celebrate their love every day “just by doing stuff together. Whether it is working out, gardening, or taking the kids skiing (ok..maybe not taking the kids skiing), we enjoy each other’s company every day and know how lucky we are. We don’t have to give each other gifts—flowers and fancy dinners don’t have anything to do with our love for another, it is our time together that counts.”

–Ben M. Connecticut

     Not everyone is a part of a couple on Valentine's Day. For those of you looking for ideas, check out our Single on Valentine's Day article here .

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