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The Internet: So Much More Than "Hooking Up"

The Internet is one of the most powerful communications mediums ever; yet, we all know how many sites there are out there that are dedicated purely to commitment-free dating and "hooking up." We applaud all those who use those sites and have, in fact, included many of them on our site---as part of finding romance, not as romance itself.

At Romance Channel, we believe that there's a need for a different kind of website. We're about more than just meeting people or matchmaking. We're about more than giving advice, we're about more than giving you useful information to access. We're about more than sex. We're about starting, building and maintaining healthy, romantic, and loving relationships. While movies such as "You've Got Mail" and "Must Love Dogs" have romantic qualities to them, and many people meet their spouse on the internet (Congrats to all of you!), the internet can not start, build and maintain romance between two people simply because the 'romance' to which we are dedicated, involves person to person contact. We wanted to clarify that and hope you'll continue to watch us grow.

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