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Sensual, Sexual, Sultry

Sensuality and sexuality are also a part of romance. See the Free Dictionary's definitions below.

Definitions: Sensual {Adj.}

1. Relating to or affecting any of the senses or a sense organ; sensory.

2. a. Of, relating to, given to, or providing gratification of the physical and especially the sexual appetites.

b. Suggesting sexuality; voluptuous.

c. Physical rather than spiritual or intellectual.

d. Lacking in moral or spiritual interests; worldly.

3. - of the appetites and passions of the body; "animal instincts"; "carnal knowledge"; "fleshly desire"; "a sensual delight in eating"; "music is the only sensual pleasure without vice"
animal, carnal, fleshly physical - involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit; "physical exercise"; "physical suffering"; "was sloppy about everything but her physical appearance"

4.sensual - sexually exciting or gratifying; "sensual excesses"; "a sultry look"; "a sultry dance" sultry
- extended especially of psychological heat; marked by intensity or vehemence especially of passion or enthusiasm; "a hot temper"; "a hot topic"; "a hot new book"; "a hot love affair"; "a hot argument"

1. Of, relating to, involving, or characteristic of sex, sexuality, the sexes, or the sex organs and their functions.

2. Implying or symbolizing erotic desires or activity.

3. Relating to, produced by, or involving reproduction characterized by the union of male and female gametes: sexual reproduction.

1. a. Very humid and hot: sultry July weather.

b. Extremely hot; torrid: the sultry sands of the desert.

2. Expressing or arousing desire: a sultry look; a sultry dance.

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